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"My work is informed by connections - socially, through the intersections of art and social justice, and spiritually, through meditation, yoga, and nature. I am fascinated by the intersections between ancient and contemporary philosophies as related to the meaning and impact of interconnectedness and the dimensions of consciousness. I am interested in how we balance the ineffable experience of being and direct action in the world."
—Annie Buckley

Letters from Majd el Kurum

Five handmade collages composed of layered photographs of letters written between the artist and a friend living in Palestine from 1991-93, the artist's travel journals, and a beach in California in 2013.

Pollinating Kindness: Good Deeds Anonymous

Participatory project exploring kindness as a material for art in which paper butterflies are the vehicles for actions with positive impacts.

Visit the site for information on how to participate!

Launching on September 14, 2014, at Offramp Gallery.


2007 - 2008/2014

Large scale photo collages
of women morphing into trees.
Related project: Mayday, a novel.

2014: print series with de Soto Gallery, Venice, CA


The People's Tarot
an interdisciplinary project including original collages, a tarot deck and guidebook, two print series, and community events and readings.

The Major Arcana (The Teacher), 2013

more about this project

Love Stories
a minimalist approach to all the possibliities that follow after: "They met, fell in love..."
visual poems made from photographs of the sky


Love Story 5 (Evince), 2011

all five works in project

NEW! Drink in the Love! Get your story on a mug.

Fortune Coat
coat covered in twelve hundred fortunes

Fortune Coat, 2010

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New Work
Exhibition at Jancar Gallery, November 2009

Wing, 2009, digital photograph, 30" X 40"

Images of new work
Installation images of New Work exhibition

floating heads spin, squirm, scatter, sleep, and sigh
digital photo collage: light jet prints, 2005
series of images

related project: S-stories

words and ideas tear, melt, join, and reform
collage based on narrative poems in "send:"
digital photo collage: light jet print
larger image

equal parts dream, anecdote, and observation
handmade book by: Annie Buckley, 2003

hydridized text and objects, 2003 - 7
singular objects and limited edition book

full series of images

hundreds of collaged images of hands, legs, and faces exploring ideas about mythical female figures
digital photo collage: light jet prints in custom light boxes

three works in project

walking feet compose the land
digital photo collage: light jet prints in custom light boxes, 2005

full view

explorations of the visual, metaphorical, and psychological interstices of biological and metaphysical structures
digital photo collage: various light jet prints, 2002-2006

more images

imagined mudras in metaphorical representations of light
digital photo collage: light jet prints, 2003

full view

Studies for Body Poems
legs and hands conjoin symbols and referents
digital photo collage: light jet print, 2002

all five images in project
suspended chair environment
welded chain, cloth, and wax
, 1997

larger image

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