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Through the Wall, 2016, co-edited by Annie Buckley & Matthew McMilon, designed by Julian Rubalcaba, and published with support from Shoreline Publishing. "Through the Wall" is based on the exhibition organized by the Prison Arts Collective, a projectof CSUSB Community-based Art founded and directed by Annie Buckley, and was hosted by CB1 Gallery in Los Angeles.This book includes artwork from the exhibition and writing from participants, teaching artists, faculty, and correctional staff. Reflective of the collaborative and non-hierarchical spirit of CBA/PAC programming, the book includes artworks by incarcerated men and women participating in the program at all levels and working in a variety of media.

Though they are housed in California state prisons, the artists in this book don't let walls and bars keep their imagination and creativity from flying out into the world. Showing a wide range of styles, influences, and feelings, all this artwork was created through a unique partnership between California State University, San Bernadino Community-Based Art and local prisons. Working with artists, students, and university faculty, the men and women who created this art are able to contribute to the world outside, even as they are helping their own interior selves grow and change. Prison Arts Collective believes in the power of art to set anyone free, even if the artist is not.

Mayday, a novel by Annie Buckley
December 2014

This book is part of an interdisciplinary project completed between 2007 and 2014 that includes this novel and "Hybrids", imaginary portraits of women transforming into trees.

Limited edition of 100 books, with full color images, published by Zenith Books in association with Beach Ball Books, a division of Shoreline Publishing Group, LLC. Book designed by Alan Van Fleet

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Psychic Outlaws
, a novel by Annie Buckley

Limited edition book (250) book with images from the exhibition based on the novel at the Luckman Gallery, 2010

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Reviews for Psychic Outlaws...

Mary Anna Pomonis called the book "astonishing" on reader/reviewer, Jesyca, writes, "This dreamy fictional narrative of a woman suffering from chronic fatigue as she investigates a surreal mental facility for women, is a unique reading experience. Playing with language, tense and visual themes, the writer creates a dreamscape for the reader so deeply engaging that at times I had to shake my own head to make sure I wasn't hallucinating along with the protagonist. I found the story moving and especially poignant in regards to how women process emotion and memory. As a fan of magical realism, I especially enjoyed the surreal references as they painted a powerful picture of a mental institute where women seek release from the stress of modern life (part mental facility/part spa) and discover a world of psychic revelation. I felt myself torn between wanting to go there and desperately wanting the heroine to escape. A terrific and unusual read, I recommend this book!" editor, Shana Dambrot, wrote, "LA-based artist, editor, and author Annie Buckley has optioned her novel, Psychic Outlaws — but not for a screenplay, for an ambitious group show starring about 20 of LA's most recognized emerging artists."

Art writer Gabriel Cifarelli, wrote: "While the novel operates conceptually to question the limits of the Art Object, it also works simply as a novel, and it happens to be a very good novel at that." Cifarelli goes on to write that, though experimental, Psychic Outlaws is "quite engrossing".

Stella is included in a collection of art and stories titled Luna Luna in the Sky, published by Nothing Moments, 2009

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